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Up to 5 Years Unlimited Miles Warranty Included in Price

All parts are guaranteed to be in satisfactory working order at the time of purchase. Every part purchased through our online store includes up to 5-year unlimited mileage limited parts only warranty, provided you were the original purchaser of the part and you still own the vehicle on which it was installed. This warranty cannot be transferred to anyone at any time. We offer one time replacement of the part that failed. All parts have to be installed within 30 days of delivery.
Parts installed on commercial use vehicles are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase.


What are the Warranty Terms?

If any part should fail within the warranty period due to defect in material, we will, at our option replace the part or refund your money. You will be responsible to return the part with the original invoice to us properly packed and secured for shipping. Once we receive the part we will check it for our original markings, and proceed with approval of your warranty claim.

All parts must be installed by a certified mechanic at licensed repair facility.

All warranty claims have to be initiated via email with precise explanation of an issue. Additional documentation may be required.

What is NOT Covered?

  • Improper installation of the part
  • Failure due to accident or collision
  • Vehicle is found under manufacturer’s recall
  • Abuse, misuse, vehicle modification or vehicle is used off-road or for racing purposes
  • Part is installed in vehicle other than the manufacturer designed the part for
  • The installer failed to clear computer codes
  • Failure due to fire, theft, vandalism, acts of terror, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hurricane, water damage, freezing or any other environmental conditions
  • Vehicle was operated for prolonged period of time after the part’s failure

Are there any Part Specific Limitations?

Please read the detailed part description for specific part limitations.

Do I have to follow any Installation or Maintenance Procedures?

Prior to installation of your recycled used auto part, we require that you perform the following pre-installation maintenance. By performing the pre-installation maintenance you will prolong the life of your recycled part and protect its warranty. Installation has to be performed by licensed technician in a place satisfying state laws to perform automotive repairs. Below you will find the required guidelines as they apply to certain parts.
Front and Rear Axle Assembly

  • Replace seals and cover gasket (where applicable)
  • Fill to the proper level using proper fluids in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • All tires on the vehicle must be the same size as recommended by manufacturer for the vehicle.
Transfer Cases
  • Replace seals and cover gasket (where applicable)
  • Fill to the proper level using proper fluids in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • All tires on the vehicle must be the same size as recommended by manufacturer for the vehicle.
  • Replace engine oil to manufacturers suggested levels
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace gaskets (valve cover, oil pan & rear main seal)
  • Inspect and replace (if needed) new timing belt/chain
  • Replace thermostat and water pump
  • Flush cooling system and refill with antifreeze to appropriate level
  • Install new spark plugs, new belts and hoses
  • Change the oil after the first 600 miles and at recommended service intervals thereafter
  • Service the vehicle at proper intervals as per manufacturer's guidelines

  • Check the flexplate for cracks or excessive wear on the starter teeth.
  • Replace oil pan gasket, front and axle seals and replace filter (if applicable).
  • Flush & inspect transmission cooling lines. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Properly align torque converter (Automatic Transmission Only).
  • Finish installation of the transmission. When finished, add transmission fluid to manufacturer's specifications. Start the engine and add more TF immediately. Additional fluid can now be added until the transmission reads ‘full’ on the dipstick.
  • Reset control module codes.
  • Adjust throttle position sensor cable.

Latest reviews

5 stars review alex j. (Sitejabber) 11/12/2015
I am really grateful to Kevin for helping me with my purchase of engine for my broken Isuzu Suv. My mechanic recommended new engine and I didn’t listen fortunately. I’ve purchase used one from CarMonkeys for 1/3 of the price. After 2 months of driving I have been proven right – there are no issues whatsoever.
5 stars review Linda Smith (Google+) 11/10/2015
I’ve purchased used transfer case for my old ford pickup. Customer service helped me in selecting proper part and I had it delivered within a week. It was replaced by my mechanic and it works now. No problems.
5 stars review Stella H. (Sitejabber) 11/05/2015
Replacement transmission for the Chevy a have come in a few days. It was old, over 15 years old but it works well. I am happy to have additional 5 years warranty in a case something fails. No problems so far, car is running strong and transmission is smooth.
5 stars review James David (Google+) 9/25/2015
Few months ago I’ve purchased used transmission replacement for Audi A4 that I have for a few years. This used transmission worked for some time but recently started giving me problems. I contacted CarMonkeys and asked for my warranty – they have 5-years warranty for used parts. After sending them my mechanic invoice showing his diagnosis they accepted my claim and send me another transmission in few days. I am really happy with their prices and warranty.
5 stars review Philip Join (Google+) 9/16/2015
After searching multiple websites and local salvage yards for used Honda Civic engine I decided to buy it from CarMonkeys. I’ve spoken with their customer service guy and he helped me a lot with decision what is the right engine for my car. I paid very reasonable price and got engine within 7 days. My mechanic installed in in 2 days and I can drive my car again. I can recommend their website.
4 stars review Charles Stout (Trustpilot) 9/2/2015
Had to replace the transmission in my Toyota Camry.Ordered from Carmonkey and the order showed up fast. I've never bought used parts before but it worked out really well this time. I couldn't find parts cheaper anywhere else and there is also 5 year warranty. Happy with my purchase and will use/reccomend them in the future.
4 stars review Nicholas Crishter (Google+) 8/21/2015
I’ve recently replaced transmission for my Nissan Sentra. I’ve ordered it from Car Monkeys and it arrived on time (4 days) and in good shape. I was a little afraid of used part but all went good. And the price was really below anything else I could find. And they have 5 years warranty. Overall I am happy.
5 stars review Johan Holliday (Trustpilot) 8/19/2015
I had to replace transmission for BMW 328. Car is over 10 years old and it’s not worth that much so I was looking for inexpensive used transmission. CarMonkeys were able to send me one in 4 days and my mechanic replaced it in 3 days. Overall good experience and fast, prompt delivery of quality used part. They even offer 5-years warranty!
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